Monday, April 03, 2006

Hollywood Elites Blame “Basic Instinct 2” Failure on Christianity and Conservatism

I’ve come to really despise Hollywood’s bitching and finger-pointing. First, they blamed illegal ‘pirating’ via the internet for the underperformance of big-budget projects like The Hulk a few years ago (maybe like the gay cowboys of Brokeback Mountain it just blew – zing!) and now they’re blaming a return to Christian and Conservative values for the box office failure of erotic thrillers like Basic Instinct 2. Come on, who didn’t see BI2 tanking this weekend? It’s been how long since the original? In addition to that, the only reason this sequel came about in the first place was because of a lawsuit filed by Sharon Stone after producers couldn’t come up with the money to film it. If a return to Christian and Conservative values is to blame for the demise of the erotic thriller genre, why was Brokeback Mountain a hit at the box office (sure, it didn’t win Best Picture or gross over one-hundred million dollars, but eighty-million on a independent film budget isn’t half-bad either)? What about Wedding Crashers this past summer? Nope, I see no flaw in that argument.