Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ABC's 'Boston Legal' Airs Anti-Bush Tirade

David E. Kelly’s spin-off legal drama, Boston Legal (which, surprisingly *cough, cough*, is not doing at all well in the ratings, having already been preemptively pulled at least once), has taken another swipe at the war against terrorism and the Fox News Network, using a storyline about a woman refusing to pay her income taxes because her grandfather would be ‘embarrassed’ by ‘what’s happening today’. James Spader’s character uses a litany of misdeeds the current administration is accused of and compares it to the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy (who, by the way, was right about communists infiltrating the federal government). Kelly needs to take a short walk off a cliff. He’s a has been, not that he could ever come up with something original or innovative to begin with.