Friday, August 12, 2005

"What Are You? Like Some Red-Neck Blogger Pig?"

I have never taken the time to watch HBO’s Six Feet Under, a series which revolves around a family running a funeral home following the death of their patriarch, nor do I have any real intention to now especially since the drama is wrapping up its final season this year. To be honest I do not watch HBO all that much except for The Sopranos, which I can always view on DVD as well in spite of the steep price for each season, and occasionally Dead Wood, though that is certainly few and far between particular during the school year where I do not receive HBO. Six Feet Under is a dark dramatic series from the creative mind of Alan Ball who wrote the script for the Academy Award-winning American Beauty which I always found to be quite bizarre and a bit too depressing for my taste.

I bring this up because the Media Research Center recently posted a cyber-alert in which they stated that the July 31st episode of the Emmy-winning HBO series was ripe with left-wing Republican bashing, taking swipes at everything from Nancy Reagan to the war in Iraq, Abu Gharib prison to “red-neck blogger pig[s]”. Claire Fisher, played in the series by Lauren Ambrose, a struggling artist (there’s a surprise) fresh out of college who has quite a history to explain her vitriolic rants. According to Claire’s biography on the series’ website, she “struggled through a difficult childhood” which was marred by the death of her father on Christmas Eve after which she “had to drive herself to the hospital high on crystal meth”. Recently “an ecstasy trip” inspires her to create “an imaginative photography installation, which earns Claire a gallery show and an elevated new status”. So, in short, the typical left-wing, drug-hawking college hippie. While on a date with a lawyer at a law firm where she is tempting, Claire grumbles “we've stumbled upon a Republican nest” upon entering the restaurant they have come to for dinner. She later asserts “Here they feel safe in their fancy restaurant while that stupid, evil war goes on and on”, which provokes her boyfriend to disagree with her. Whether it was drugs, alcohol, a combination of the two, or her just being a prick, Claire goes on to shout down her boyfriend by calling him “some red-neck blogger pig” and criticizing him for “rationalize away all moral responsibility” at law school. Is there any wonder why she is depressed, poor, pathetic, and alone? With an attitude and a vocabulary composition like that, who would dare go near her?