Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl XL Commercials (Minus the Movie TV Spots ... Those Come Later)

While I did not watch the Super Bowl myself (I had no real interest to), I did catch the advertisements which ran during the game online this morning. Far and away, these were the best …

The FedEx ‘Caveman’ ad – you can’t watch this commercial and tell me cavemen being crushed by dinosaurs isn’t funny.

The Budweiser ‘Bear Attack’ ad – nothing says the Super Bowl like beer and senseless violence, right?

The Budweiser ‘The Game’ ad – these just keep getting better and better every year. Now why can’t that be the same for the game itself?

The Mastercard ‘MacGyver is Priceless’ ad – you just love to make fun of the guy because of how ludicrous it is for him to make all the contraptions he does with ordinary household items and that is what makes this advertisement all the more enjoyable.

Check out the advertisements yourself at Fox Sports Online.