Monday, February 06, 2006

Toy Story 3 Still Moving Forward


It was previously reported that Disney's acquisition of Pixar also meant the end of production on Toy Story 3, and that if the film was ever made it would be done by the creators of the original film. Now it looks that is indeed the case, as Bloomberg reports on Walt Disney Company's First Quarter Earnings:

Iger said Disney would release about two Pixar films each year, an increase over Pixar's earlier goal of about one per year. Pixar will take over production of "Toy Story 3," a sequel that Disney's in-house animators had been working on, Iger said.
The version Disney was going to make, before now handing it over to Pixar, would have had Buzz Lightyear being recalled to Taiwan after a series of malfunctions. Learning of a productwide recall, all the toys in Andy's room, under Woody's leadership, were to head to Taiwan to save Buzz from doom.