Friday, October 07, 2005

Benigni Slammed For Positive Depiction of Americans in Iraq

In a year in which a vast majority of Hollywood’s ritzy and artistic-quality feature films, specifically those in the running for the coveted Academy Award for Best Picture, are merely an extension of the left-wing commentaries of high-school dropouts and foreign policy hacks (Jarhead, Syriana, Brokeback Mountain, Munich, North Country, Good Night and Good Luck … two of these films starring George Clooney who I thought was said to remain silent about politics – so much for believing a promise from Hollywood was worth something these days), Roberto Benigni’s new film, “The Tiger and the Snow”, is a welcome relief as it shows American soldiers in Iraq in a positive light. I know, God forbid that the dastardly military men and women of the United States be treated humanely onscreen as opposed to the benevolent ‘freedom fighters’ who merely cut people’s heads off in the name of Allah. Thanks again to Hollywood Confidential for pointing this one out.