Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome to the Hollywood Blacklist!

Welcome to The Hollywood Blacklist, where left-wing Hollywood elitists are brought to task on their radical ramblings. Due to recent events, I have decided to temporarily shutter the Office of Homeland Security until improvements based on communication can be more properly assessed. In the meantime, the Hollywood Blacklist will focus primarily on a number of areas within the field of American politics – political correctness in television and film projects, liberal political agendas with feature films, and the befuddled musings of those who believe because they are paid so much that they have the privilege of dictating foreign policies in this country. At the same time however this will be a source for which visitors can frequent for reviews of the latest films, purchase recent or future release DVDs, view the latest film trailers, or catch up on exclusive film info. This will not be so much the focus of the site but it will pop up within posts every now and again.

I am just beginning to put this site together and since I have somewhat of a busy week ahead of me (major British Literature paper due this Friday), progress will be rather slow. I intend however to move quickly in making this site fully operational within the next two weeks. Please stay tuned for further updates!