Friday, August 26, 2005

Paramount Says Mobsters Our Only Hope in War on Terror

Source: Hollywood Confidential

Paramount's Brad Grey may be at it again. With three terror-related projects already on the boards (including Oliver Stone's 9/11 film), Variety reports that Antoine Fuqua has been hired to direct Paramount's new "By Any Means Necessary," which "centers on law enforcement turning to a jailed mobster to help prevent a possible terrorist attack." Jailed mobsters are our only hope in the War on Terror, you see.

The script for this film is being written by "The Manchurian Candidate"'s Dan Pyne. You may recall that Mr. Pyne turned "The Manchurian Candidate"'s original anti-communist storyline into an anti-corporate screed. What ingenious conceit he has in mind for this new story is anyone's guess.