Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dennis Quaid Promotes Bush Satirization On TODAY

Don’t you just love how left-wing Hollywood snobs like to have their cake and eat it too, especially when they’re trying to promote a movie? They star in clearly politically motivated pictures and yet when questioned about the political nature of their project they immediately deny any political commentary apparent in the film. V for Vendetta and American Dreamz are just some of the latest examples of this. Mandy Moore, a singer turned actress who stars in American Dreamz, is one of those hypocrites. While promoting the release of Saved, the controversial independent film which blatantly mocks Christianity and promotes homosexuality, insisted that her project was politically motivated. While I have no reports that she is insisting the same thing with American Dreamz, co-star Dennis Quaid, who portrays [brace yourself] the dim-witted Texas-hick president (talk about a joke that’s five years too late), has.