Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Poseidon Teaser Trailer Premieres

I do not know what to quite make of the teaser trailer for Poseidon, a remake of the classic disaster film, The Poseidon Adventure. On the one hand, I am not a fan of Wolfgang Peterson, particularly after he butchered (and I mean butchered in the worst sense) the legend of Troy two years ago, nor was I fan of his other water disaster film, The Perfect Storm, which I just found to be pointless. On the other hand however how can you pass up a film with someone as adorable as Emmy Rossum? Poseidon could either be really good (nothing Oscar caliber mind you but mindless entertainment typical of Wolfgang Peterson) or ungodly (ha, ha) awful.

Poseidon opens May 12th, 2006, and, once more, the teaser trailer (they say it’s the trailer but I am assuming that at this point, so far from its release date, that it is only the teaser) will premiere along with Peter Jackson’s King Kong today.