Wednesday, November 16, 2005

ABC Gives Conservative GOP House Speaker a History of Advocating Segregation

It is bad enough that ABC’s hit television drama, Commander-in-Chief, is a Hillary Clinton propagandist piece but now it is out to smear Republicans on top of it. I know, big surprise, but work with what I am getting at here. News Busters reports that the latest episode of the show made the Republican Speaker of the House out to be a segregationist via a film strip showing Templeton, played by Donald Sutherland, in 1965 speaking in a smoke-filled room about how “If the Lord Almighty wanted colored people to mix with whites, to live with whites, to marry whites, he wouldn't have placed them on separate continents”. This film strip is used against the Speaker of the House in response to his attempt to out the special assistant to the president who turns out to be HIV-positive. Again, I realize not all of television is based on reality but how realistic is it to believe that an outing campaign would take place within the White House?