Sunday, October 16, 2005

Law & Order Plot Inspired By Schiavo Case

Yet another reason I am justified in continuing to hate NBC’s perennial television favorite Law & Order (and all of its numerous and entirely unnecessary spin-offs). Dick Wolf, creator and writer for the detective drama, is one of the most radical left-wing writers in the television business (and that is really saying something since this is Hollywood after all) and he takes any opportunity he can get his grimy hands on to b*tch out the Bush Administration and their ‘religious right’ base. Take for example last Wednesday’s program in which a husband who is about ready to remove his wife’s feeding tube is killed by a car bomb created by … dum, dum, dum … the wife’s family and clergy. It is bad enough to have Michael Schiavo walking free after getting away with murder, as if nothing had ever happened, but now we have to turn him into a freakin’ martyr on a network television program? This is the Hollywood left sinking to a new low.