Sunday, September 18, 2005

DVD Depot Update

There were quite a few notable additions to the DVD Depot this past weekend, including a number of releases which are flashbacks for people of my generation. These releases include The Adventures of Pete & Pete - The Complete Second Season, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers - Volume One, and Ducktales - Volume One ... those were the days! Other additions include the single-disc version of the Tim Burton blockbuster, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (at the time of publication, art work for the two-disc special edition release was not made available to us but will be posted as soon as we receive it), an unrated edition of Alien vs. Predator (truly disappointed with this film, so much potential, but to be honest I was never expecting all that much in the first place – my review of the film should be online within the next few weeks), the two-disc limited edition of the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise collaboration, War of the Worlds, as well as a single-disc version of the film, and the Fantastic Four starring the delicious Jessica Alba. Yeah, the film may have been a total nightmare (I can not say since I did not see it but word on the street was that it was unintentional humorous) but can anything with her in it seriously be all that bad?